About Us

About Our Network

The purpose of the Sullivan Baptist Association is to partner with our churches in…

             Strengthening Christ-like Servant Leadership

             Building Christ-like Unity and Community

             Advancing Christ-like Love and Acceptance

It is our desire to complete this vision through servant leadership and teamwork. Because God has led us to embrace this vision, we believe that we can not only implement it, but complete it with our churches:

  • We believe that the local church can be an inviting place for unChristians to come to saving faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit works through us collectively to reveal Himself to our community.
  • We believe that God desires to use His church, the collective group of believers in upper east Tennessee, to win Sullivan for the Savior!

Because we believe these things, we have organized our resources to maximize our effectiveness for the local congregation. Our activities are centered on group processes and teambuilding, and our personnel exhibit Christ-like servant leadership in all we do.  We have strong, focused leaders who lead as they discern & determine God’s heart for Sullivan County.

Our leaders are called and entrusted to provide, guide and protect our churches, helping them to enlarge, expand, and extend their influence in Sullivan County.